Adventures of a Multimedia Pioneer in the Making

April 9, 2007, 7:57 pm
Filed under: Interactive Multimedia

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Greg Prince speak to our IMM class, about Filemobile ( The site is a great tool for sharing all kinds of multimedia, from Photos and Videos, to Audio Files. The site helps to resolve some common problems with disorganized media files. This is accomplished mainly through the use of FileMobile’s MediaStudio–a tool that allows user to   search, sort, view, edit and record their User-Generated Content (UGC).

FM also provides an easier way to add multimedia content to existing blogs.  This feature will help bring otherwise, text-heavy blogs to life with more rich media content. Users can easily record and upload video to vlogs for example and the site automatically converts most video formats to the FLV format for optimal storage and sharing.

The site also makes it easier for users to capture and post their video/audio/photos on the FM accounts, directly from their mobile phones. That’s a great feature since more and more people are using such devices and FM is making it that much easier to share content while on-the-go. Users can even upload content directly from a mobile device to their blog–a term Greg refered to as “MOBLOGGING”or MOBile WeBLOGging. See Wikipedia Definition: . It probably still hasn’t caught on full force just yet, but it will only be a matter of time before this becomes a mainstream practice. I found another site that offers similar features: This growing Moblog phenomenon has also has become the subject of an online art exhibition at Here is an excerpt of the insightful and academic perspective about moblogs given by the Curator Susan Douglas: “Like diaries, moblogs connote raw emotionalism, sincerity, and truthfulness; these are values associated with notions of authenticity that are interesting to us in the context of this exhibition. ” This partly explains our fascination with reality TV! I digress…

FileMobile also makes it easier organize audio files and mp3s for sharing and podcasting. Not only does the site make it easier to manage these various media but it also acts as a networking and social media tool.

FileMobile has partnered with various companies looking to  add further value by implementing social media/networking into their mix. MuchMusic has even tied FM into some of their events and concerts allowing fans and event-goers to capture and post their content on a live big-screen display during the event. Much also uses FM tools as part of their SHOW ME YOURS feature, on their website
While companies like FM are giving us the tools to make it easier for us to generate content, we as budding multimedia pioneers and developers have a responsibility to go out there and create new content. According to Greg, a lot of people are uploading pre-existing content (videos/photos/audios) or content that already exists on other file sharing sites (such as YouTube).   So that being said…time to go tackle my Vlog and AV assignments now!


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